Bridget Kelly Band: Inspired by classic & electric blues, the Bridget Kelly Band has placed their unique stamp on the blues genre, with high-energy live performances and a hybrid sound that mixes Texas and Memphis Blues with various Southern Blues traditions. The powerful and sultry vocals of singer Bridget Kelly and the incendiary lead guitar work of Tim Fik forge a signature hybrid sound that combines classic urban blues with riff-driven rockin' blues guitar; held together by a dynamic rhythm section comprised of Alex Klausner/Christine Alexander on drums and Mark Armbrecht/Greg Mullins on bass. The Bridget Kelly Band (BKB) has been performing at venues throughout the United States ("Women in Blues" Showcase in Memphis, the 2017 International Blues Challenge (IBC), Buddy Guy's Legends (2018, 2019), the House of Blues (Chicago, 2018, 2019), and major clubs, concerts, and festivals from Maine to Colorado, and Florida to Minnesota. BKB is excited to announce the release of their newest CD "Dark Spaces"... already climbing the charts and receiving airplay on blues radio programs around the world (3# RMR Blues-Rock album July, 2020)... songs with lyrical content that expose the range of human emotions...from the depths of loneliness and despair to the heights of unbridled freedom and optimism. Their last CD "Blues Warrior (2018)... was a top-10 Blues-Rock album that tackled tough subject matter ranging from homelessness and domestic violence to human trafficking and drug addiction.

As IBC Semi-Finalist in 2015 and 2016, the group continues to gain serious media attention. The Bridget Kelly Band recently ranked #3 in a "Women in Music" poll sponsored by Blues-E-News magazine in the summer of 2015. The band’s last two albums climbed to #1 on the RMR Electric Blues Album Chart. In 2016, their “Outta the Blues” CD spent 6 weeks at #1 and was the #4 Electric Blues Album of the year in 2016.  In 2017, the group’s “Bone Rattler” CD was #1 for 24 weeks on the RMR Electric Blues Album chart (June through December); and made the prestigious Living Blues Radio Chart in June of 2017.  The band’s music has received regular airplay on Sirius-XM radio (B.B. King's Bluesville) and syndicated blues radio shows around the globe (like Buddy Guy's Blues radio show out of Chicago, hosted by Pat Quinn).

Bone Rattler was the group’s 4th album (produced by Tim Fik, released on Alpha Sun Records in May of 2017) -- an eclectic 2-disk, 22 all-original song CD, covering a wide spectrum of Electric Blues and Blues-Rock styles.  The Bridget Kelly Band had a blast on their 2017 tour to promote the new album "Blues Warrior" (2018), which climbed to #1 on the RMR State of Florida music chart and #3 on the RMR "Blues Rock" album chart in June of 2019. The Bridget Kelly Band wowed audiences in the clubs and concert settings across the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Alabama. The band received standing ovations at Buddy Guy's Legends, Northwood Blues Festival and the Nickel Plate District Blues Festival for their killer live sets that rocked capacity crowds.

International Blues Competition IBC Semi-Finalists (2015, 2016)

Ranked #3 "Women in Music" poll Blues-E-News magazine (July, 2015)

#1 charting RMR "Electric Blues" Album in 2016 (Outta the Blues CD, produced by Tim Fik) -- 6 weeks at #1

Outta the Blues was the #4 Electric Blues Album of the year in 2016

#1 charting RMR "Electric Blues" Album in 2017 (Bone Rattler CD, produced by Tim Fik) -- 24 weeks at #1

Living Blues Radio Chart (June, 2017), with airplay on Sirius-XM radio, B.B. King's Bluesville

  and syndicated blues radio shows around the globe.


CD Reviews

Bridget Kelly Band, Dark Spaces

By Mike O’Cull June 2020  (Album climbed to #3 on the RMR Blues-Rock Chart, July 2020)

The Bridget Kelly Band is back in action with its eagerly-awaited sixth record Dark Spaces, thanks to Alpha Sun Records. The BKB has made the semifinals in the ultra-competitive International Blues Challenge twice and gone all the way to the top of the Roots Music Report’s Electric Blues chart. Bridget Kelly is the vocal focus and shows herself to be a multifaceted singer with her own ideas about how to perform roots music. She delves into both vintage and contemporary blues styles in depth on Dark Spaces and also delivers lyrics of substance with relevant messages. Her partner in crime is guitarist/producer/songwriter Tim Fik, who brings the instrumental firepower to these tracks that he also co-wrote and produced. Together, they’re a formidable creative force well able to make you groove and think at the same time.

Dark Spaces is a chic, forward-thinking record with a strong identity. It delivers 13 brand new original songs by Kelly and Fik, never leaning on the songbook of blues music’s storied past. The tracks freely mix blues, pop, and Southern Rock ideas together and explore the interior experiences of the mind, body, and human condition. They’re timely, emotive, moving, and provocative, rendered in a crystal-clear production style, and speak to all of us living it in 2020. Bridget and Tim take us through isolation, loneliness, hope, and optimism, a journey that perfectly reflects life in the present day.

“Free Me” is the first of the 13 tracks here and tops a strong minor-key shuffle with lyrics about a lost, isolated soul who has realized “there’s no heaven in a 10×10 room.” Kelly runs the story down and Fik drenches the song in wailing, articulate lead guitar. He’s a fine player with a great sense of phrasing and a gorgeous tone. Kelly and Fik compliment each other well and their chemistry is indisputable. “Sky’s The Limit” follows, shifting gears into a heavier funk/rock vibe that’s kinetic and immediate. It’s a modern, riff-driven track that again features a ton of Fik’s sweet guitar work. Bridget lays out hopeful lyrics about the need to break down your own inner walls to achieve your dreams and the optimism is a good thing after the angst-filled song preceding it.

The title track, “Dark Spaces,” is a somber mid-speed cut about those unlit parts of our minds we sometimes don’t like to think about. It has a haunted, desperate spirit to it that connects directly with the frightening, hellhound-on-my-trail aspect of the blues that has fueled many of the genre’s greatest songs. Kelly and Fik both put out a lot of emotion here and it’ll hit you head-on. “Find My Way Back Home” is an upbeat, swampy number that puts the spotlight on Fik’s excellent slide playing. It’s a hand-clapping, rump-shaking dancefloor-filler that comes on easy and natural. It’s as close to a pop song as it gets in roots music and all involved handle it nicely.

“Sometimes You Gotta Dance” gets even more physically involved and is a testament to the catharsis of movement. The band flirts with some more exotic tonalities in certain sections, making it into a World Music-influenced, supremely funky blues, which isn’t something most of us encounter that often. That it works really well is inspirational and encouraging for anyone who likes to push the boundaries of roots music and bring in new sounds and ideas. There are a lot of great songs on Dark Spaces so be sure to make it to “Back Seat Love” and “Southern Wind.” The Bridget Kelly Band comes across long and strong on this new set and brings something new to the music we love.

BRIDGET KELLY BAND/Dark Spaces: With their scintillating mix of hot vocals and award winning hot guitar licks, this crew is back again in fine form, yet again. Widening the scope of the songs, they still provide one of the best parties on a platter around but they also take you to places beyond the normal margins this time out... this is a great modern take on a classic form. Well done.  (Alpha Sun 2020)  Chris Spector, Midwest Record. June 2020.


Bridget Kelly Band... "Bone Rattle" CD... "they continue to improve their sound with each successive album.  Led by the red-hot vocals of Bridget Kelly, ...with their influences coming from Memphis, Texas, and classic blues-rock.  Their latest set is a monster, indeed. “Bone Rattler” is twenty-two original songs spread over two CD’s that is guaranteed to... “rattle your bones”.  Brother Tim Fik has always been a mighty force on guitar, but he absolutely scorches the frets throughout both discs...the first set kicks off with a blistering, Freddie King-styled groove, as Bridget tells an ex that “I’m sleepin’ real good tonite–I Ain’t Missin’ You!”  We’ve always enjoyed Bridget and Tim layin’ down some of that good, deep, slow-blues, and her story of “I was so good for you, baby, but you were No Good For Me” is just what the root doctor ordered! They turn in a sweet duet on the slide-heavy tale of “going down to Florida” on that “OutBound Mississippi” train, with a cool “alternative” ending!  Our favorite was, hands down, Bridget’s call for us all to follow her, “Goin’ To Chi-Town,” as Tim busts out his best Elmore James licks. The Bridget Kelly Band flat tore it up on stage as a part of the “Women In Blues” showcase during the 2017 IBC’s in Memphis. Their hot streak continues, ...sho’ nuff a “Bone Rattler.”  Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society (May 29, 2017).

Bridget Kelly Band / Bone Rattler / Alpha Sun Records 2017 Review.  This is a double disc set that is about equally divided between Bridget Kelly, a powerful vocalist with a leaning toward more traditional blues and R&B, and Tim Fik, who leans more heavily toward an incendiary  rock with blues roots.  When all is said and done, they balance each other out nicely, giving a bit of something to everyone, regardless of the style they might prefer. With Kelly on vocals, Fik on guitar & vocal, Mark Armbrecht on bass & Alex Klausner on drums, this band has their based solidly covered.  The first disc, while filled with solid blues licks from Tim Fik, is predominantly based around Bridget Kelly.  This woman has a voice that is both hard-driving, powerful as a locomotive with a full head of steam, and sultry enough to melt the soles of your shoes and burn a hole straight through to your soul.  This is powerful on so many levels.  Add the guitar work of Tim Fik, which takes somewhat a second position, complimenting Bridget's voice beautifully.  Then there is disc 2, which is predominantly a Tim Fik album.  This disc, while deeply rooted in the blues, is much more based around Fik's scorching guitar work.  Kelly, while present, is in more of a supportive role on the second disc.  As I said earlier, Bone Rattler is well-balanced, offering up a bit of something for everyone.  Fik not only has a scorching guitar style, but a voice that sounds like his vocal cords were marinated in bourbon in a heavily smoke-filled room...perfect for the blues.  Any way you slice it, this is one great album.  I was particularly taken by the diversity of the recording.  From hard-driving blues to slow and seductive and row in just a touch of that Big Band type of sound and you get an album that is anything but "run of the mill" or boring.  This one had me on the edge of my seat, not knowing what might be coming next.  This one's a keeper. - Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blues (June, 2017).

BRIDGET KELLY BAND/Bone Rattler Review: Since we first came across Kelly and told you to keep an ear out for this rising white girl with the blues that was sure to become a fave, she's become a fave cleaning up all the blues recognition there is to get. Upping her game this time out by releasing an ambitious double disc of all the blues there is to muster, she finds all there is to find in southern blues and delivers it hard whether charging, sultry, rocking or whatever. Everything you could want is on board here... Well done throughout.  Chris Spector, Midwest Record, May, 2017

Bridget Kelly Band, Bone Rattler CD Review (translated from German).  The Bridget Kelly Band remains faithful to their mix of Blues Rock and Traditional Blues on their latest release. "Bone Rattler" is a double album with 22 new songs that rings from Texas to Chicago. The combination of the great voice of Bridget Kelly with guitar by Tim Fik is absolutely worth listening to. At times the feel reminds you of the guitar of Johnny Winter at its best, where echoes of Robin Trower or Jimi Hendrix come to fruition.  And there is even a little jazz. Tim Fik is one of those guitarists who seemingly can shake the whole history of the electric blues with one wrist.  In addition a voice that grabs one from the outset, Bridget Kelly is a powerful singer who delivers their everyday stories with lots of soul. With "Back In The Blues", this band from Florida attracted my attention. And over the years they have become still better.  No wonder that they have twice reached the semi-finals at the International Blues Challenge: Here is a band to experience, one who has found a unique sound and who knows how to tell their own stories. "Bone Rattler" certainly is a long party for all those who want to rock blues. Be sure to listen! (Das Magazin Wasser Prawda, June, 29, 2017;, Veröffentlicht am 29 Juni 2017).


Bridget Kelly Band BIO. Inspired by classic & electric blues, the Bridget Kelly Band has placed their unique stamp on the blues genre, with high-energy live performances and a hybrid sound that mixes Texas and Memphis Blues with various Southern Blues traditions. The powerful and sultry vocals of singer Bridget Kelly and the incendiary lead guitar work of Tim Fik forge a signature hybrid  sound that combines female urban blues with riff-driven rockin' blues guitar; held together by a dynamic rhythm section comprised of Alex Klausner on drums and Mark Armbrecht on bass.  The group has recently expanded their sound by adding keyboardist Chris Alexander to their live shows.  The Bridget Kelly Band (BKB) has been performing at clubs, concerts, and festivals throughout the United States, and recently at the "Women in Blues" Showcase in Memphis during the 2017 International Blues Challenge (IBC).  As IBC Semi-Finalist in 2015 and 2016, the group continues to gain serious media attention. 

Songs from their 2014 "Forever in Blues" CD were regularly featured on Sirius XM satellite radio (B.B. King's Bluesville) and radio stations around the world.  The album was a top-4 pick by the International Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) in the summer of 2014, and reached #14 spot on the RMR Contemporary Blues chart, #1 on the State of Florida Album chart, #1 on the Blues Debut chart, and peaked at #2 on the chart in December, 2014. The group rapidly earned its reputation as a rockin', female-fronted blues band, when voted #3 by Blues E-News magazine in a "Women in Music" poll in July of 2015.  The group's third album, "Outta the Blues" (released in May of 2016), reached a milestone for the band as it rose to #11 on the RMR Contemporary Blues chart, hit #1 on the RMR Electric Blues Chart for six weeks in July and August of 2016, and was the #4 ranked Roots Music Radio "Electric Blues" album in 2016, with the band's first #1 Electric Blues Song-- "Someone's Hoodooin' Me".  With airplay from hundreds of blues shows around the world, favorable media reviews, and regular airplay on Pandora, Spotify, Jango, and Internet radio, the band has expanded their international fan base.  BKB's continued success has been largely attributed to its insistence of giving it their all, every time they take the stage.  Their passion for the music is evident in the energy of their live shows.  Honing their signature sound, the Bridget Kelly Band has been committed to living the dream of performing their music and celebrating the blues in its electrified form.  Their brand of "electric blues" has carved out a niche for them in the industry, as they promote their music and honor the legacy of the blues

 With the release of their 2nd CD: "Forever in Blues" (June, 2014) the group gained serious media attention, with excellent reviews from music critics in the U.S. and U.K. The album, which contained 15 original songs, was a top-4 pick by the International Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) in the summer of 2014, and the CD charted regularly on the Roots Music Report (RMR) Top-50 Blues Chart (August through October), reaching the #14 spot for the week ending Oct. 23rd. The "Forever in Blues" CD climbed to #2 on the RMR State of Florida chart (where it stayed for several weeks) and hit #1 on the Blues Debut chart for two weeks running (ending Oct. 6th): and peaked at #2 on the chart the week of Dec. 2nd , 2014.

 The Bridget Kelly Band’s music has made the playlists of DJs hosting popular syndicated blues radio shows around the globe, including KFFA (Helena, Arkansas)— Sunshine Sonny Payne’s “King Biscuit Time”, Tony Colter’s “Blues Report” on BB King’s Bluesville (CH 70 Sirius-XM radio), Kevin Black's "Black on Blues" and Tony Corner’s “Blues Corner” (in the UK), Chefjimi Patricola’s “, Baker’s Dozen”, John Hammer’s “Hammered by the Blues”, Kevin Beale's "Blues on the Marsh", the Kool Breeze show, the “Good Morning Blues show” (WRFG Atlanta), Clive Newton’s “Voice of the Red Sea Blues”, Crossroads Café, “ATC” Blues, “The Raven & the Blues show”, Blues & Roots radio, WWOZ (New Orleans), Radio IDL (Tulsa), “Crossroads” with Chris Helm, Josep Palmada’s Red Hot Blues show”, Cleve Baker’s “Confessing the Blues”, DJ Wyatt’s “Yippee-ki-ay -- Rattled Beats show”, Vinny Bond Marini’s “Blues on the Couch”, Radio Wesser, Cool Hand’s “Juke Joint”, Ian Mckenzie’s “Blues Before Midnight”, DJ Yorkie’s “Monday Madhouse”, “Blues Club” with Switch Dunmow, the “Eclectic Chair” with Trish Lewis, “Saturday Blues” with Sister T, Wild Bill Kenton’s “Blues 102”, “Friday Night Blues” with Norma Martinez, Gil Anthony’s “Blues Power”, and numerous other radio shows throughout the U.S., Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, and France.

Performing at clubs and festivals throughout the Southeastern U.S., the Bridget Kelly Band has shared the stage with numerous national blues touring acts including Albert Castiglia, Biscuit Miller and the Mix, the Jeff Jensen Band, Tas Cru and the Tortured Souls, Selwyn Birchwood, the BMA nominated Brandon Santini, and BillBoard charting artist Victor Wainwright.  Recent performances include St. John's River Blues Festival, the High Dive and Thomas Center (Gainesville, FL), the Hard Rock Café, (Atlanta, GA), Roberts Hall (Lynn Haven, FL), Skipper's (Tampa, FL), Bradfordville Blues Club (Tallahassee, FL), Blue Crab Festival, “Blues Appetizer” Concert to kick off the Bradenton Blues Festival, the Dirty Martini Bar, (Gainesville, FL), Englewood’s on Dearborn (Englewood, FL), The Buckingham Blues Bar (Ft. Myers, FL), and The Blue Rooster (Sarasota, FL).

The Bridget Kelly Band is based out of North Central Florida, and active members of the SunCoast Blues society (SCBS), the North Central Florida Blues Society (NCFBS), the Blues Society of Northwest Florida, the Memphis Blues Society, and the Atlanta Blues Society (ABS).  On September 7th, 2014, the Bridget Kelly Band won the NCFBS sponsored Blues Challenge, and went on to compete at the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, January 21-24, 2015; bringing their stage show and original music to the Blues clubs on Beale Street.  The group advanced to the IBC Semi-Finals and were well-received by enthusiastic and cheering audiences at the Jerry Lee Lewis’ club (on Jan. 21st and 22nd), the Blues City Café (Jan. 23rd); and the “Women in Blues Showcase” at the Center for Southern Folklore (Downtown, Memphis). BKB returned to Memphis in the winter of 2016, representing the NCFBS, and made the IBC Semi-finals once again with stellar performances at Wet Willies and the Tin Roof. The Bridget Kelly Band returned to the "Women in Blues" Showcase in 2017 at Alfred's on Beale.

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2014  "Forever in Blues"

        "Dark Spaces" 2020

   #3 on the RMR Blues-Rock Chart (weeks of July 4 and July 11)

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Bridget Kelly Band ​"Blues Warrior" released summer of 2018

#3 RMR Blues-Rock Album

Bridget Kelly Band "Bone Rattler" 2017

on Alpha Sun Records #1 Charting RMR

"Electric Blues" Album for 24 weeks!