May 9 Women in Blues Showcase,

    Rum Boogie Cafe, Memphis

May 17 Women in Blues Showcase,

   The Dirty Bar, Gainesville, Florida

May 23 Florida Folk Festival,

   White Springs, Florida

May 24 Florida Blue Crab Festival,

    Palatka, Florida

June 7 Aces, Bradenton, Florida

July 17 The Blue Rooter, Sarasota Florida

August 2 with Jeff Jensen Band at

    The High Dive, Gainesville, Florida

August 9 Armor Inn Tap Room,

     Ellicottville, NY

August 12 Sportsman's Tavern, Buffalo NY

August 15 Simply Jazz & Blues Festival,

    Beckley, West Virginia

August 23 ABS Blues Challenge,

     Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta Georgia

August 30 NCFBS Blues Challenge,

    The Dirty Bar, Gainesville, Florida

September 25 Arts Garage Concert,

     w/Middleground Delray Beach, Florida

October 23-25, "Camping with the Blues"

     Festival, Seratoma Youth Ranch,

     Dade City, Florida

November 7 Tangerine Festival,

    Gulfport, Florida

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Inspired by classic blues & electric blues, the Bridget Kelly Band has placed their unique stamp on the blues-rock genre. Check out their new release "Forever in Blues" (2014), available on and, and hear the band's music at

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Produced by Tim Fik

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IBC Semi-Finalists 2015

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